Aikido technique. Kote-gaeshi.

Aikido technique. Kote-gaeshi.

“Curl brush out”

What is Kote-gaeshi?

It is usually said that the novice beginner aikido

enough to have the force corresponding to the ability to raise about

8 kg. This is so because the lift before the enemy does not throw

required, and a little effort to put it on the ground, nor

necessary. The developed methods are strong enough for small

cost of their own strength.

A good example of this – machinery Kote-gaeshi, in which

unbalance the opponent and knock him to the ground can be

Only by rotation of the brush in its outer side. In other

words, acting on a weak point, as is the wrist, you can

to subdue and control the whole body uke.

When uke grabs the wrist tori, tori

intercepts the bottom left hand uke, frees his left hand

and then pressing straight down on the back of the hand uke tegatana

left hand. Due to this, made a throw uke (if it is not

falls, it will be broken wrist). Then tori intercepts

Brush uke with your left hand, and took the elbow uke, turns it on

stomach by moving the hands along the uke towards its


* Mattered zapomnt following points #

Applying wrist lock uke avoid capture right wrist

uke left hand tori $ always use your hand or tegatana.

This is due to the fact that the capture of the wrist own limits

movement, while the open hand can move freely and quickly.

This is one of osnovnyhmomentov aikido, which is valid for all

for this art.



1.Ryote-mochi Kote-gaeshi

“The grip of both hands, twisting the brush out”

When uke grabbed both wrists tori, tori, acting on a

from the hands of uke, applies kote-gaeshi, puts uke on the ground and


1. From hidari-ai-hanmi uke enough wrist tori. Tori immediately

retracts the left leg and joins hands together, palm to


2. Tori turns his left hand, palm up, at the same time

grabbing the bottom of the left wrist uke.

3. With the move transversely to the direction of the thumb uke,

toriosvobozhdaet left hand, turn the brush into the outer uke (by

to uke) side, ie from himself, and pushes tegatana

left hand on the back of the hand uke.

4. Press firmly down on the brush uke, tori takes a big step forward

right foot in front of uke.

5. In this position, tori even more twists brush uke,

throwing it.

* When twisting the brush holding uke’s right hand and wrist

tegatana free left hand should move in sync.

6. As soon as uke falls, tori, keeping the wrist grip uke,

moves to the left, intercepts uke’s wrist with his left hand

and take the right hand elbow uke. Fixing the capture of the elbow, he

uke turns face down.

7. Tori takes the uke to full control, strong

hand pushing uke in his shoulder.



2. Shomen – tsuki Kote gaeshi

“Direct punch $ curling brush out”

Uke attacks, about to hit the front, opening on 90

left, tori assigns blow uke grabs the wrist and wins

it by applying Kote-gaeshi.

1. From hidari-gyaku-hanmi uke attempts to strike tori right fist

in the stomach. Spinning on his left foot, tori takes away your right leg back

90 and by the tegatana left hand strengthens the movement

hand uke forward.

2. By shifting your weight to the left foot to the right, tori unfolds

upper body clockwise to 180, removing brush

uke right away.

3. Once the balance is disturbed uke, tori unfolds

back (180 CCW), applies kote-gaeshi and

revealing step right foot to the right, causing atemi.

4. Tori steps forward with his right foot and throws uke, reinforcing

pressure on his wrist.

5. Putting uke face down, tori control it, bending exactly

down the brush and elbow.

* The movement is similar to that performed in ryote-mochi kote-gaeshi, for

except that the brush is bent forward.

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