The Art of Aikido. Possessing only a brute force is not worthy of the title of the Samurai.

The Art of Aikido. Possessing only a brute force is not worthy of the title of the Samurai.

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Originally martial arts in Japan were used for the preparation of the samurai, to improve their body, strengthen the mind and boost morale.Samurai spirit free from all thoughts and feelings. He knows no fear, no desire for victory, and only then the body and the sword become one.Therefore, an experienced samurai, entering the fray, always acted instinctively and with unmistakable. Possessing only a brute force is not worthy of the title of the Samurai. In addition to the study of science, the warrior must utilize leisure time for exercise in poetry and comprehension of the tea ceremony.

The samurai code of honor of “Bushido”

Before the arrival of Europeans in Japan, there were no team sports. The Japanese have perfected basically sumo – a national kind of wrestling, which has deep religious roots, jiu-jitsu, judo, kendo, karate, kyudo (the way of the bow), and other traditional martial arts. The purpose of traditional martial arts training was purely spiritual component, enter a state of Zen. Achieve such a concentration of mind and body that would find a way to true enlightenment.

Morihei Ueshiba

The founder of Aikido (1883-1969)

Among the traditional martial arts of the 20th century, which has become popular among the people of Japan and beyond, include Aikido – the way of harmony of mind or way of harmonizing life energy “Ki”.Aikido is a modern form of systematized and developed by Morihei Ueshiba in the 20-ies of the last century.

In order to unbalance the opponent in Aikido, use the energy of the attacker. The principle of aikido can be understood in a simple illustrative example, if you fly in stone – the judoka will try to catch him, karate with the stone hit the block, and aikidoists simply depart. Aikido philosophy states: “Do not resist, and therefore always win. The stronger and fiercer aggression or attack by the enemy, so with the same force and fury of it for it self-destructs. ” The basic precept of Aikido: “You must be strong enough to not have enemies.”


work with bokken by Malik dignity

President of the Inter Aikido Federation Yubikay Malik GANIEV 5 Dan Aikido


demonstration of aikido

Not by chance the Japanese police studies aikido and its philosophy is to allow any conflict situation, first of all, by peaceful means.


Malik-san in Japan Tokyo

And in many countries Aikido teaches children not only in schools but also in special schools and prisons to instill in them a love and respect for elders, relatives and friends, to form the younger generation love to the world.

children in training aikido in Ufa


Malik san and children's groups aikido Ufa


Children's Aikido groups of Ufa

The founder Yubikay, Yosuke Arakawa was born January 2, 1940 in Tokyo. He graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the University of Tokyo (Nihon daygyaku). His career Arakawa sensei still continues in the department of capital construction department. Since they were young, for this man has always been the focus of aikido and life form. In 1959, Arakawa sensei became a member of the International Federation AIKIKAI.

Arakawa sensei in training aikido in Ufa


Student of the University of Tokyo, Arakawa Yosuke continues to study under the guidance of Shihan Aikido Arikawa (9th Dan Aikido) – a professional instructor honbu ѐ – the main hall aikido headquarters in Tokyo.

Arakawa sensei in Japan

After graduating in 1963, the University of Tokyo Arakawa sensei became head of Aikido Tokyo municipality and continued to train in parallel honbu ѐ under the guidance of the great masters of Aikido Yamaguchi – Shihan (9 Dan Aikido).

Arakawa sensei in Japan



Since April 1994 Arakawa sensei became deputy chairman of the Federation of Aikido Tokyo. In 1977 he was elected secretary of the Central Council authorized martial arts “Budokan”. As the secretary of the Board, commented Yosuke Arakawa in Nihon Budokan festival held annually All Japan Aikido. In March 2000, Arakawa Yosuke appoint the Executive Director of the International Youth Association of the implementation of cultural and sporting contacts with Prime Minister – Minister of Japan.

Arakawa sensei on the mat

Shihan Yosuke Arakawa is now managed by the International Society “Yubikay Aikido” in Japan and is now the curator of the Interregional Public Organization “Aikido Federation Yubikay.” Being engaged in social work and my entire adult life, promoting Aikido, Arakawa sensei is an advisor and consultant of the Department of Aikido the City of Tokyo.

Yamoguchi Shihan

Executive secretary of the International Society “Yubikay Aikido” Japan Tsugie Arakawa – loyal friend and wife Shihan Yosuke Arakawa. Tsugie-san is not only an associate and adviser to her husband. She instructor 5th Dan Aikido, which has extensive experience with the younger generation.

sports delegation from the Republic of Bashkortostan visiting Arakawa Sensei

On Tsugie Arakawa is an important task for the preparation and training of young people. She has many years instills spiritual – moral hygiene of the younger generation.

Arakawa tsigie

Tsugie – san does it professionally, putting a huge effort for the education and training of trainers not only aikido, what makes a successful development of the Company Yubikay Aikido in Japan, but conducts and educational work among the adult population in order to avoid the spiritual – moral differences between people.

Malik san in Tokyo

As the daughter of a famous master of martial arts, Tsugie-san herself experienced the brunt of the knowledge of martial arts. Presence near Arakawa – Shihan Tsugie Arakawa is in harmony with it for more than fifty years. This union of two well-known in Japan, people always spiritually promoted mutual complement each other. It seems that’s the whole secret of eternal youth of Japanese martial arts. But this requires a lot of strength and health, full commitment and belief in the one with whom he continues his business equal time in human life.

two masters of Aikido with wives


Arakawa sensei at the monument to Salavat Yulaev

Arakawa sensei for a walk near the Television center in Ufa

Culture of communication, concern for others, respect for elders and love for the natural environment – the most important thing in the life of every Japanese. These ancient traditions are passed down from generation to generation. The past, at the base, which is the philosophy of martial arts, the country of the rising sun, helps today truly inimitable and continues to develop the Japanese nation. My favorite work, love and respect from others – is all that is needed the teacher to adequately educate the younger generation. In Japan, honoring a teacher from the time of the samurai was absolute. They transmit the tricks of the trade to his students.

Japanese master of Aikido and Malik san

teacher – sees the perfection and leads along the path of true enlightenment. Life does not always go the way we plan to e ѐ. But if you’re on the right path of true enlightenment unwittingly begin to understand that the unity of opposites is the main way of harmonious interaction with the outside world. Our future – it is spiritually and physically educated younger generation. Today, many of their inherent categorically believe that spiritual – moral relations above where no aggression, desire to win each and subjugate others.

In April 2010, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Bashkortostan registered Interregional Public Organization “Aikido Federation Yubikay.” The main purpose of the Interregional Public Organization “Aikido Federation Yubikay” to educate the younger generation with its spiritual – moral hygiene. To give full and complete support to the development of Aikido Yubikay in Russia, taking care of sports and social rights of the athletes, coaches and sports veterans.

The motto of the International Society of Japan Aikido Yubikay are the words: “Keep your door open to everyone.” Name Society Yubikay makes sense “Be prepared”, “To be in constant readiness.” Symbol Yubikay society – is a composition consisting of a square, triangle and circle, reflects the principles of Aikido occurrence of the triangle, keeping a circle, hold the square. The founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba explained that these three magical figures reflect the stage of development of the skills of those who have devoted themselves to the study of Aikido. If the square, triangle and circle are together and circulates together with Ki – the energy of the universe, that there is a complete self-purification of body and mind as a whole.

Kiriyenko Hakam gives INTER

The first acquaintance with Russia in Arakawa Sensei and the members of the Society “Yubikay Aikido” Japan occurred in the winter of 1997.Shihan Yosuke Arakawa, recently oversaw the Regional Aikido Federation of Nizhny Novgorod, which later became one of the founders of the Russian Federation of Aikido. President of the Russian Federation of Aikido was elected Sergei Kiriyenko. It is noteworthy that Arakawa sensei was a teacher Kiriyenko, and that Sergei Kiriyenko received his black belt in person from the hands of Shihan Yosuke Arakawa.


The first visit to the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ufa Shihan Arakawa Yosuke occurred in September 2002.

Arakawa Sensei's visit to Ufa in 2002

Since then, Arakawa sensei always, if it is in Russia, trying to find time to visit a branch in Ufa. Each regular visit to Ufa Sensei accompanied by warm meetings with old friends and fans Yubikay Aikido, which is becoming every year more and more. Wise life experiences, Arakawa sensei happy to communicate with their students and shares his knowledge of Japanese culture and art, and everything that concerns the development of Aikido as a whole.

Arakawa sensei and Malik san

aikido instructors in Ufa

Tackling knife school Yubikay – tanto dori one of the most famous in Japan. Today, the school is recognized as one of the best schools in Japan.

Arakawa sensei in training aikido in Ufa


Arakawa sensei, despite his advanced age, actively taking part in the demonstrations at the annual All Japan Aikido Demonstration in Tokyo with his disciples company “Yubikay Aikido” of Japan. Yosuke Arakawa – a prime example that proves once again that aikido in cycles according to the character Yubikay Aikido. Square, triangle, circle, swirling with Ki – the energy of the universe, are helping people of all ages to get rid of all his vices and weaknesses and completely cleansed of negative thoughts.Only the pure spirit and the human body – that the necessary material for the formation of a healthy person with high moral inner content.

Every autumn in late September at the official invitation of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Interregional Public Organization “Aikido Federation Yubikay” Japanese delegation headed by the President of the Company Yubikay Aikido Shihan Arakawa of Japan Yosuke visits the Republic of Bashkortostan for the exchange of experiences in the field of culture and sport. Arakawa sensei praised the creation of the Interregional Yubikay Aikido Federation.

Delegation of Japan in Ufa 2010

President of the Public Organization unanimously elected – the founder of Aikido in the Republic of Bashkortostan, president of the Regional Federation of Aikido Republic of Bashkortostan Malik GANIEV 5 Dan Aikido.

Arakawa Sensei Aikido Festival opens in Ufa

Vice-President elected President of the Regional Public Organization “Aikido Federation Yubikay” of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar MINKHAEROV, a person who has extensive experience in the education of the younger generation and huge respect among edinobortsev Russia.

The friendship between the peoples of Japan and the Republic of Bashkortostan

Nice to know that the central dojo ѐ Interregional Aikido Federation Yubikay located in Ufa – the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. In Ufa annually in the second half of September, come to the seminar not only fans of Aikido Yubikay the Republic of Tatarstan and Moscow, but also from surrounding our friendly neighboring regions. And that means full recognition and respect from all regions of Russia, the Urals and the Volga region just to the outstanding master of Aikido Shihan Yosuke Arakawa.

Malik san gives intervyu

Our nations have much in common and we are always ready for rapprochement of our peoples in the fields of science, culture, economics and sports.

Aikido Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan (N. Chelny)


Aikido Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan (Nizhnekamsk)

Need to further explore the history of the country of the rising sun, to understand how Japan made for the cultural enrichment of humanity.And for mutual enrichment we need as much as possible to each other to communicate, and learn from the example of the Regional Federation of Aikido Republic of Bashkortostan, to learn all that is good and best directly from the Japanese masters.

Arkava sensei with Malik dignity and president of the federation of martial arts


Arakawa sensei and Malik rank in Ufa

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